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Smart Tornado Storm Shelters for Oklahoma | Tennessee | Kentucky

Product Image Metal Retractable Stairs

Garage Storm Shelters Extra Large Size (Deposit)


$300.00 deposit secures an install date and is non-refundable ONLY after the agreement is endorsed. The remaining balance is due at the time of installation. 

Call 405-417-8676 for pricing and questions. 

  • Dimensions:  4' Wide X 8' Long X 4.5' Tall.
  • Holds 10-12 People.
  • Metal retractable stairs. 
  • Carpeted benches.
  • Limited transferable warranty.
  • Battery-operated fan & light combo.
  • Optional 8-ton hydraulic jack.

This Extra Large storm shelter is perfect for installing inside the garage! 


Smart Shelters Tornado Shelters have saved thousands of lives across the USA during the last ten years.  The patented design makes it the go to storm shelter because it's installed virtually flush with the garage floor.

For questions call us at 405-417-8676.